Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In the Pages of the WSJ by Morning, "Escaping the Cube" by Day, and Swimming with Sharks by Night

Friday, January 30th was truly a historic day for GreenBox - one we will forever celebrate as the day our "transformers of pizza boxes" took the national stage, being raved about on multiple news outlets, blogs, twitter feeds, and around water coolers across the country.

With waves of unbelievable excitement, we'd been anxiously anticipating this night for months and were practically shouting it from the rooftops. The GreenBox team would face the judges of ABC's "Shark Tank" - with 9+ million viewers in tow. It felt like the job interview of a lifetime.

Could it get much better? Apparently, yes - and we've got a hit in Friday morning's Wall Street Journal to prove it. There's nothing quite like seeing your company in print over morning coffee & one heck of a New York bagel. We're still pinching ourselves.

Then just around lunchtime, we switched on CNBC's hit daytime show "Power Lunch," and the sight of Jennifer Wright-Laracy's smiling face had us all beaming with pride. Our very own president & co-founder had "escaped the cube" of finance in 2009, marking the beginning of GreenBox, helping to launch the company we all work for (and love) today. If you missed it, check out the segment - it's one of our favorites. 

Fast-forward to 9:14pm. With our confidence running high amongst family and friends, we watched Jen and Ned stumble a little bit out of the box, calmly dust themselves off and proceed to knock it out of the park. We think GreenBox user Last Dragon Pizza said it best: 

The GreenBox was a hit, with two "Shark bites" to prove it! And with an offer from "Mr. Wonderful," Kevin O'Leary, too good to refuse, we swam out of the tank a Nemo-style success... knowing there's no limit to how far the GreenBox will go as it changes the world - "one pizza box at a time."

We spent the rest of the night celebrating with friends, family... and pizza. Always pizza.