Wednesday, January 8, 2014

GreenBox Helped Avert a Global Economic Meltdown!

Here at Ecovention, LLC we strive to make planet earth a better place via our offering of environmentally friendly packaging products. It puts a smile on our face every day to know that we are helping out in a small, but meaningful, way.  But, at the end of last year, we helped the world in a way that we never could have imagined… we helped avert a global economic meltdown! 

Now, you may be asking yourself… how could a little packaging company avert a global economic meltdown? Well, we would have asked the same question too, if not for an article we stumbled upon, entitled "Pizza Expert Searches for Box That is Said to Have Prevented Government Shutdown."

According to that article, photographic evidence of an aide at the Capitol pushing a cart stocked with pizza on October 15, 2013 to Speaker of the House John Boehner's office, gave proof that pizza helped prevent a government shutdown. And what was said pizza packaged in?  None other than our GreenBox pizza box (branded SmartBox) used by Washington D.C. area chain, Pizza Boli's! Check out Pizza Boli's cool demo video for their SmartBox here:

Not surprisingly, Scott Weiner, an award-winning expert about pizza and the proud owner of the world’s largest pizza box collection, is now on a mission to get his hands on Pizza Boli's SmartBox. “I want that box,” Weiner said when he was reached for comment.  To some people it’s just a piece of garbage…But to me it’s a piece of America’s political history.”  Well said, Scott!

Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 in a Nutshell (Or More Appropriately, A GreenBox)

With the holidays almost over and the long winter deep freeze upon us, we thought we'd take a fond look back at all of the exciting events of 2013...

- In November, the GreenBox pizza box was prominently featured in the book, Viva La Pizza!. Written by Scott Weiner and described by the Wall Street Journal as "a little slice of art," Viva La Pizza! is a fascinating look at an overlooked art form, and classic part of our eating lifestyle, the pizza box. See side panel for an excerpt about the GreenBox pizza box from Weiner's book
-  In June, alongside our distributor partner Roma Foods / Performance Food Group, we launched a brand new custom GreenBox at the Jimmy's Pizza chain of pizza restaurants! Established in 1986, Jimmy's Pizza operates 36 locations in Minnesota and five more locations in the Dakotas and Wisconsin.  If you love a thick crust and lots of cheese, Jimmy's Pizza will be up your alley!  And the Jimmy Stix... fresh baked dough brushed with garlic butter, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with warm marinara sauce, makes for the perfect side dish. 
-  In July, we launched our DoggieBox storage container and all sizes of our GreenBox pizza box on, making the GreenBox brand accessible across the country! 
-  In September, GreenBox was the proud sponsor of several charity events, including the 15th hole at Connecticut distributor Russell Hall's annual golf tournament, with proceeds from the event donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation
-  Also in September, alongside our long-time customer Pizza by Certe, we were the proud sponsor of the annual New York Pizza Run (organized by Jason Feirman, writer of our favorite blog, "I Dream of Pizza"), with event proceeds donated to the  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.
-  In October, we were a proud sponsor and donator of over 1,000 GreenBox pizza boxes for the annual Slice Out Hunger event (organized by Scott Weiner of Scott's Pizza Tours), with event proceeds donated to Food Bank for New York City.

And so, with 2014 fast approaching, we look forward to another exciting year of introducing many more cutting edge, eco-friendly new products, and getting involved in causes that mean something to our company, our community and our customers! We at Ecovention, LLC wish our loyal readers a healthy, happy and environmentally friendly 2014!