Friday, October 31, 2014

Will: Our Co-Founder & Friend, Always

It’s been an incredible year for Ecovention. Mentions of the GreenBox have been ever-present, from talk shows to radio shows, from blogs to beyond. It’s thrilling, humbling, and everything we ever wanted. But through it all… we can’t help but think of Will.

Three years ago this November, we lost our beloved co-founder & GreenBox creator, William Walsh. He was a passionate leader, a caring father, and a forever friend; he was a human being we were lucky to know. His genius was contagious. His smile and wit lit up the room. He was a man with soul, an unwavering spirit, and an unforgettable presence.

The world just hasn’t been the same. We’re missing him always.

But the truth is, he hasn’t left us. With every moment of success & happiness, we feel him. We heard him cheering us on when the GreenBox made headlines in The Huffington Post. We felt his hugs & high-fives when we were featured on segments of The Chew, Rachael Ray & MSNBC. We saw his soulful eyes light up with pride when the GreenBox made waves in Buzzfeed & The LA Times. He’s here, every step of the way, pushing us forward toward his dreams – and ours.

So today, we want to thank him. For the invention he brought to life, for the way he’s changing the world, and for the lives he has touched. He always wanted to make a difference… and we’re immensely proud to be a part of his vision, realized. 

This is only the beginning.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

GreenBox Spotlight: Emily (Loves) Pizza

Over thirteen years ago, Matt & Emily fell in love over pizza. They haven’t looked back since. 

Tucked away in the corner of Brooklyn’s cozy Clinton Hill neighborhood, you’ll find Emily & Matt, their wood-fired pizza, and a welcoming spot that feels like home. You won’t ever want to leave.

Since fate brought them together (over pepperoni & olives), it was only fitting that Matt & Emily start their very own pizzeria. The spot at 919 Fulton Street just felt right, and in January of 2014, “Emily” was born. Emily loves pizza, after all. 

When you stop by Emily, you’ll find Matt in the kitchen, hand-mixing dough and making mozzarella from scratch. The smell of the wood-burning oven fills the cozy space, and exposed-brick lines the walls. The warmth & homeyness is unmistakable…and genuine. 

If you get the chance, Matt’s original "North Maple” is not to be missed. With fontina, mozzarella, Benton’s bacon, toasted pecans and yes – maple syrup, this pie is unlike any other. Similar to the taste of a Belgian waffle, it’s sure to be a standout. 

But of course, the “Emily” is a local go-to. Topped with mozzarella, pistachios, truffle sottocenere & honey, this is pizza you’ll remember for ages. It even took a top spot in AM New York’s “New Pies to Try.” 

Not feelin’ pizza? No problem. The Emmy Burger is to die for: dry aged beef on a pain au lait bun, topped with emmy aioli, charred onions, cornichon & 4-year aged grafton cheddar. A side of crispy, triple-cooked fries have us sold. 

Oh, and before you go, grab a “s’mores calzone” for dessert. No regrets.

While Emily Pizza hasn’t been around for long, their passion for pizza has the deepest of roots – in love & family. They care about the Earth, too, and we were delighted to see that their “pizza doesn’t travel without @greenboxny.”

Pizza, love & a space that feels like home. It’s worth crossing the bridge for.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

GreenBox Spotlight: Pizza Pie-er

Twelve different sauces, four types of crust, over two dozen toppings…and a whole lot of delicious decisions to make. You have arrived at Pizza Pie-er.

With spots in Cambridge, Boston and Providence, Pizza Pie-er’s endless options are changing the way people think about pizza. Gluten-free, multi-grain and whole wheat crust? They've got it. A selection of sauces that will make your head spin – including Cajun, sun-dried pesto and tangy buffalo? Check, check, check.

Here at GreenBox, we’re dying to get our hands on their cilantro pesto sauce: a blend of fresh cilantro, olive oil, Romano, garlic & a hint of jalapeno. Top it off with artichoke hearts, Italian sausage and seasoned spinach, and we’ve got ourselves a perfect pie.

And yes, they even have shrimp. This is magical.

If you’re not in the mood for a traditional pizza pie, don’t you fret. Pizza 
Pie-er comes to the rescue with their “pizza sandwiches”: eggplant parmesan rolls, pizza pockets and ricotta-packed calzones are sure to satisfy. They’ve even got a selection of specialty wraps… the Greek D-liter is calling our name (pure yumminess with freshly chopped garlic, feta cheese, baby spinach, black olives and roasted red peppers).

Just when we thought Pizza Pie-er couldn’t get any better, we caught a glimpse of their “brunch and dessert” pies. It was then and there that we seriously considered transplanting our New York office to Beantown. Locals rave about their dessert calzone – choose your own crust, and have it filled with a succulent blend of strawberries, cream cheese, and chocolate chips. A sweet treat if we’ve ever heard one.

Now that we’re trying to type through the drool, we want to share a heart-warming comment we received from a Pizza Pie-er(er):

“I just got pizza delivered from Pizza Pie-er and they use your "green box ny" pizza box. I had 3 pieces of pizza left and read the instructions for how to fold it into a leftovers box, and it is amazing!!!! I am so impressed and really believe in your product. Great work!” – Rebecca Rhoads

We’re delighted to have the GreenBox at Pizza Pie-er, and feeling giddy over such wonderful comments from fans. You keep us young. ;)

So stop by Pizza Pie-er for one of their extraordinary pies. The combinations are infinite, and your taste buds will thank you. The Earth will thank you, too.