Friday, October 3, 2014

GreenBox Spotlight: Pizza Pie-er

Twelve different sauces, four types of crust, over two dozen toppings…and a whole lot of delicious decisions to make. You have arrived at Pizza Pie-er.

With spots in Cambridge, Boston and Providence, Pizza Pie-er’s endless options are changing the way people think about pizza. Gluten-free, multi-grain and whole wheat crust? They've got it. A selection of sauces that will make your head spin – including Cajun, sun-dried pesto and tangy buffalo? Check, check, check.

Here at GreenBox, we’re dying to get our hands on their cilantro pesto sauce: a blend of fresh cilantro, olive oil, Romano, garlic & a hint of jalapeno. Top it off with artichoke hearts, Italian sausage and seasoned spinach, and we’ve got ourselves a perfect pie.

And yes, they even have shrimp. This is magical.

If you’re not in the mood for a traditional pizza pie, don’t you fret. Pizza 
Pie-er comes to the rescue with their “pizza sandwiches”: eggplant parmesan rolls, pizza pockets and ricotta-packed calzones are sure to satisfy. They’ve even got a selection of specialty wraps… the Greek D-liter is calling our name (pure yumminess with freshly chopped garlic, feta cheese, baby spinach, black olives and roasted red peppers).

Just when we thought Pizza Pie-er couldn’t get any better, we caught a glimpse of their “brunch and dessert” pies. It was then and there that we seriously considered transplanting our New York office to Beantown. Locals rave about their dessert calzone – choose your own crust, and have it filled with a succulent blend of strawberries, cream cheese, and chocolate chips. A sweet treat if we’ve ever heard one.

Now that we’re trying to type through the drool, we want to share a heart-warming comment we received from a Pizza Pie-er(er):

“I just got pizza delivered from Pizza Pie-er and they use your "green box ny" pizza box. I had 3 pieces of pizza left and read the instructions for how to fold it into a leftovers box, and it is amazing!!!! I am so impressed and really believe in your product. Great work!” – Rebecca Rhoads

We’re delighted to have the GreenBox at Pizza Pie-er, and feeling giddy over such wonderful comments from fans. You keep us young. ;)

So stop by Pizza Pie-er for one of their extraordinary pies. The combinations are infinite, and your taste buds will thank you. The Earth will thank you, too. 

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