Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sani-Stak, Givin’ Back

Here at GreenBox, we’re gung-ho about innovative design. I mean, we’re home of the “Swiss Army knife of pizza boxes,” after all. ☺

So when we stumble across a company that shares our passion for the green life, we can’t help but send them some love. And where nifty takeout containers are concerned – it’s a no brainer.   

Enter the Sani-Stak. Much more than just a catchy name, this patented, eco-friendly masterpiece is about to take Seamless by storm. With built-in space for condiment cups on top of the box, the Sani-Stak is focused on functionality, sustainability & food safety.

Sounds like our kind of product.

We’ve all been there. The deliveryman comes a knockin’ with your Cobb salad (extra bacon, obviously), and you open the container to find your cup of dressing spilled, drenching your once-crunchy lettuce, dribbling out the side and onto your brand new pair of flannel PJs. Not fun, and the Sani-Stak gets it. 

With condiments gettin’ comfy on top, rather than inside, the container – we can all revel in the fact that our next to-go meal is ultra hygienic and far less drippy. The stackable & practical factors don’t hurt, either.  

But the green features of the Sani-Stak really get us fired up. Cause you know, we’re kind of about that here. Available in two Earth-friendly materials – bagasse & recyclable PET plastic, Styrofoam has never been so yesterday. 

We know what you’re thinking. “Wait. Bagasse? Is that some trendy Italian restaurant?” No, no – it’s far “sweeter.” A by-product of sugar cane, bagasse is compostable and biodegradable, decomposing within just 90 days (plastic takes a whopping 400 years and Styrofoam sticks around for life). Plus, it’s totally microwaveable. No clean dishes? No problem. We’re all about that at GB HQ. 

The Sani-Stak is givin’ back. And that’s our kind of packaging.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Eat, Drink & Be Green

During the holiday season, Americans produce 25% more trash. That equates to 5 million additional tons of garbage in our (snow-covered) landfills. Now, that doesn’t seem very festive.  

It's official: white Christmases are so yesterday. This year, we're goin' green - and we think Santa would be proud. Check out some "out of the box" ways to keep your holiday season eco-friendly. Literally though, lay off the unrecyclable gift boxes. They’re horrible for the environment. 

1. Green Giftin’

Why spend 45 solid minutes lovingly wrapping a gift (or is that just us...) when someone is just going to tear it apart? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Instead of buying wrapping paper that’s sure to beeline its way to the trash on Christmas morning, take advantage of what you already have at home. Old newspapers or magazines work like a charm and look cool, too. Better yet? Buy a gift that doesn’t need wrapping, like concert tickets or a yoga class package. Those are the best kinds, anyway.

Now, onto Christmas cards. You know, the ones that get piled up and tossed on January 1st (again, maybe just us...). Regardless, among a sea of endless texts and e-vites, a holiday greeting card is gold. So, we won’t fight you on it. But, instead of running to Hallmark, check out Give-A-Tree. For every card purchased, a tree is planted. So shop your holiday heart out. 

2. Green Blingin’

To real or not to real? That is the question. We’ve laid it out for the blogosphere once before, but it’s worth repeating: a fake Christmas tree is, in every sense, an environmental burden. From its “made in China” sticker (hello, greenhouse gases!) to the PVC and lead emitted from your imposter pine, there’s never a better time to go green. Plus, that carcinogen-filled candle just doesn’t do the scent justice. We know, we know. Bah humbug.

3. Green Feastin’

Are we the only ones that park ourselves in the kitchen at family get togethers? Cause grandma’s freshly baked cookies are what the holidays are about. Oh, and love. And hope. And all those nice things. But, according to the National Resource Defense Council, 40% of your feast will go to waste. So, instead of tossing those leftovers in the trash, donate the extras to your local food pantry. Here’s a handy locator tool to find a food bank in your area. Or, just drop them off at our house. We’d love to have you.

Dreamin' of a green Christmas, this year and always.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Greener & Cleaner

Today, 80% of consumers consider themselves environmentally concerned. And, in a nation where restaurants use 7 times more energy than any other commercial building, they darn well should be.

According to the National Restaurant Association, “environmental sustainability” will be a hot trend in 2016, with eateries taking action to reduce their carbon footprints. And, after switching to the GreenBox (of course ☺), there are all sorts of ways - big and small - to go green.

These are just a few of our favorites.

1. Local Lovin’
Love thy neighbor, source locally! When you purchase from a farmer’s market or other local vendor, you’re investing back into the community - and saving big on fuel, too. 

Here in NYC, pizzerias have it made. Thanks to Gotham Greens, a 15,000 square foot greenhouse sits atop Brooklyn’s Whole Foods, where over 100 tons of leafy greens are harvested annually. GreenBox users Two Boots and Emily both take advantage of this urban rooftop garden, layering their artisan pies with fresh basil, arugula and “rooftop red” tomatoes 365 days per year.

2. Durable Décor
Why have regular chairs when you can rock recycled ones? Yes, that’s a thing - and we’re all about it. At Manhattan’s Pizza by Certe, the countertops are crafted from recycled bottles and the architectural millwork has been sourced from wheat. Even their walls, ceiling panels and cabinets are made from reclaimed materials. Certe’s “vertical garden” is a showstopper, growing fresh basil during the warmer months. We know, we know. These guys bring Certified 3-Star Green Restaurant to a whole new level. And we love ‘em for it.

3. Earthy Equipment
When it comes to sustainability, small changes add up. According to Pizza Today, a restaurant can cut 10% of its total electric bill just by switching to LED light bulbs. If you’re hoping to preserve water, incorporating flow-restricted faucets is the way to go, saving up to 73,000 gallons of water per year.

But, if you’re lookin’ to go green all the way, Neapolitan Express is the fleet to beat. The first mobile restaurant powered entirely by natural energy, their planet-friendly practices drew the attention of former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg. Their brick and mortar location - the very first pizzeria on Wall Street - just wouldn’t be complete without a solar-paneled roof & community garden.

In a world of conscious consumers, how will you make a difference?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Decked Out Delivery

Tweet for pizza? You got it. Domino’s delivery has been decked out, emoji-style.

The pizza pioneer has rolled out “Domino's Anyware,” a fresh feature that invites dedicated diners to order oven-baked goodness via text, tweet, smart watch and more. When you’ve got a craving, a pizza emoji to @Dominos will do.

These guys have got it down to a 5 second science. Or should we say, slice. 

Deep in the greasy gooey trenches of pizza paradise, the GB crew isn’t shocked by much. But my golly, our pie-lovin’ selves are floored. Why ruin a perfectly good couch dent when dinner is at your fingertips? Oh, Domino’s, you get us. 

Anyway, all this pizza talk has us thinking about some of our favorite marketing campaigns of yesteryear. Yeah, we’re feeling nostalgic. What of it? They're not pizza tweeting, but they’re pizza something. And that’s all we need to know. 

This little ditty is credited for introducing the nation to what is now one of the most iconic pizza chains in the world. “Putt Putt to the Pizza Hut” premiered in 1965, and is known today as the musical jingle that started it all. 

(Psst - what's up with bag delivery? Break out the boxes!)

A hybrid pie? My oh my. For customers in the Middle East, Pizza Hut introduced a selection of mix n' match meals as part of their "Crown Crust" campaign. (Think mini cheeseburgers baked into the crust. An entire dozen of them.) 

Hot dog, chicken sandwich and cheese stick combos were also a part of this marketing masterpiece. Indecisive eaters, rejoice!

Hi-yah, high-tech. Billboards are bomb. Not even Cindy Crawford could resist that melty mozzarella. These guys get an A+ for creativity (and a few good chuckles). Extra cheese, please!

Where else can you fit a record-holding 54”-by-54” giant Sicilian pizza? Directly on top of a smart car, of course! This LA-based chain has incorporated jumbo-sized pizza warmers onto their pint-sized pie carriers, even garnering the attention of the 2014 Oscars. 

Personal delivery for Ellen DeGeneres? Not bad. Not bad at all. 

What will they think up next?

Friday, October 9, 2015

It's All About The Dough

A-Town is the name, Neapolitan is the game. At this Denver destination, fresh is the first ingredient - and quality is key. 

A smoked-wood aroma fills the walls of this Aurora hotspot, where the crust is crispy and the beer is Colorado craft. A 5,000-pound, Italian-made Stefano Ferrara oven is the focal point of the space, where A-Town’s 12” pies are baked in less than two minutes – and in a scorching 700 degrees. 

It’s “pizza born from fire,” alright. And customers are lovin’ it.

One Yelp reviewer couldn’t have put it better: "I went here on a first date today... I really liked A-Town, maybe even more than the guy.”

The secret to A-Town’s sizzling success is in the dough, prepared in-house daily and made from aged Italian flour. The addition of Sweet San Marzano tomatoes and hand-stretched mozzarella doesn’t hurt, either. ☺ 

Like their wood-fired pizza, A-Town’s menu is anything but ordinary. Kick off the night with an order of A-Town poppers: light and airy dough balls stuffed with pancetta, jalapeños, cream cheese and garlic oil. 

For the main course, “Gray Grandma,” “Bix Tex” and “Maui Wowi” are just a few of their signature pies (they have over 30!), with “The Bookie” being a fan-favorite. Topped with olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, onion, artichoke, green olives and prosciutto, word is that this best-seller is named after the A-Town accountant. In fact, we’d even bet you on it. 

In the mood for a sweet treat? A-Town’s “Hailey Girl” hits the spot. You just can’t go wrong with toasted pizza crust filled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. And, for all you nutella lovers, the Nutty Isaac can't be beat. Gotta love that hazelnut goodness! 

To say we’re flattered to call A-Town GreenBox users is an understatement (just look at that custom box!). It’s been about a week since we've officially welcomed them as members of the GreenBox family, but we are already proud to call them friends. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Say "Cheese"!

Crust is the canvas, and meat is the medium. In the world of pizza portraits, your favorite celebrity has never looked so... cheesy.

With only a few simple ingredients, pizza artists across the globe are transforming pepperoni pies into “pizza perfect” strokes of genius. From Glasgow, Scotland to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, top pizzaiolos are rapidly sculpting their way into the craft of pizza art. 

We like to think of it as deep-dish design. ☺

Bella Napoli owner and Italian chef Domenico Crolla is the best-known master of pizza portraiture, using just cheese and sauce to re-create some of the most famous faces. His fashionista pizzas have earned him a cult following – with fans frenzying over his crusty creations. Rihanna, Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo have all personally thanked Crollo for his delicious depictions. 

Truthfully, we’d take the pizza version of Kim Kardashian over the real thing any day. 


But Crolla isn’t the only one mastering the mozzarella montage. Wilhelm Rodriguez, chef at Papa’s Pizza in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico is notorious for his recreations of some of the most iconic faces. Steve Jobs, Miley Cyrus (along with her massive tongue), and even Freddy Kreuger have “made the cut”. Today, Papa’s Pizza has more than 50k Facebook followers... all anxious to see what saucy smile he decides to slice up next. 

In the realm of pizza art, playing with your food has never been more on-trend. Care to take a bite?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Green Geekin'

Between our affinity for fresh basil and our passion for Mother Earth, the GreenBox team eats, sleeps & breathes “green” – and we wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Our obsession with eco-friendly products & out-of-the-box ideas is no exception. We’re constantly trolling the web for standout designs to incorporate into our green-loving lives, and today we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you.

Come on, guys. Geek out green with us. 

1. Grove Labs

“No watering, no weeding, less harvesting.” That’s the motto of Grove Labs: creators of the year-round indoor garden. Through their intuitive ecosystem design, these guys have brought farm-fresh produce to a whole new level. Grove’s sleek, refrigerator style unit grows your favorite fruits and veggies all year long – and all you’ve got to do is feed a few fish to help make it happen. We’ve arrived at the future of food... on your mark, get set, grow!

2. Miito

It might be a cool 94 degrees in NYC today, but that won’t stop the dedicated tea drinkers here at GreenBox HQ. You’d be hard-pressed to find our beloved tea kettle silent, as we’re typically fighting (nicely) over who is next in line to boil. Tea is comforting, okay? Don’t judge us. Anyway, this is just one more reason we love Miito: an innovative company that has put a sustainable spin on the modern-day kettle. By replacing an electric kettle with a Miito, the United Kingdom alone would save more than 85 million liters of water every year. Now that’s a lot of Earl Grey. ☺

3. WikiPearls

Peace out, packaging. WikiFoods is in town. Inspired by nature (wahoo!), WikiFoods, Inc. is revolutionizing the way food is experienced. One by one, they’re replacing wasteful packaging of old with “WikiFood technology”: an edible “skin” designed as a protective coating for your favorite food and beverages.

Ice cream? You got it. Fruits and veggies? No problem! And the best part? WikiPearls are bite-sized, portable & package-free. The company has even teamed up with Stonyfield Farms to create “Frozen Yogurt Pearls”: chocolate frozen yogurt surrounded by peach, coconut or strawberry-flavored WikiPearls. Never has it been more fun to play with your food. 

4. Ecovative

We’ve all fell victim to packing peanuts. You know, those horrendous little styrofoam puffs that never fail to come pouring out of a newly-opened package. Oh, and forget cleaning them up...those suckers will be EVERYWHERE. Enter Ecovative: a biomaterials company providing sustainable alternatives to wasteful packaging (and keeping the peanuts far, far away). 

In short, Ecovative combines plant-based farm waste with fungal matter, creating one-of-a-kind “mushroom material” as an all-natural substitute that imitates plastic. They call it “disruptive technology,” and their eventual goal is to displace plastics all over the world. Welcome to the mushroom age. 

What eco idea gets you geeking out?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Pizza Power by the Hour

In America today, we’re facing a harsh reality: 1 in 6 of us struggle to get enough to eat, and in 2014 – 16 million children went hungry. 

New York City is no exception to this sad truth. According to the NYC Coalition Against Hunger, 1.4 million New Yorkers - including nearly one in four of the city's children - live in households that lack sufficient food.

Enter Slice Out Hunger: a citywide event helping to break the cycle of hunger since 2009. One day per year, the city’s top pizzerias unite for $1 slice night, with 100% of proceeds benefiting the Food Bank for New York City. Each dollar spent funds five meals for New Yorkers in need.  

The 2015 event will be held on October 7th at 6pm, with The Lower Hall @ 155 Sullivan Street bustling with some of the biggest names in pizza. With 50 top-notch pizzerias & over 1,200 pizza-obsessed New Yorkers ready to chow down, it’s the biggest pizza party of the year...lasting till the pie runs dry. 

Created by our friend Scott Wiener (and the only person as obsessed with pizza as we are), Slice Out Hunger has become a city staple – and one we’ve been proud to sponsor for the last six years. In 2014, the event raked in over $30,000 for charity in just three hours. 

Having donated over $70,000 since their launch, Slice Out Hunger’s purpose holds steadfast and true: fighting hunger in America through a collective obsession with pizza. Today, the event has inspired other cities to do the same - and we’re humbled to be a part of it.

Doing good while eating well, all under one roof. That’s our kind of celebration. 

Let’s all come together and share the pizza love with those who need it most – because nothing unites us quite like New York pie & one heck of a good cause.

“It’s important to remember that you can create something out of nothing. A lot of people have a fun idea, but are afraid to take the first step. I took a baby step, kept pushing, and now it’s become something bigger than I could ever have imagined.” 

–Scott Wiener, Pizza Leader

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Slicin' Up Your Daily Meal

No matter how you slice it, when it comes to pizza – you can’t go wrong. Square or round, thick or thin, cheesy or cheese-free, this culinary masterpiece simply can’t be topped (unless we’re talking pepperoni & olives). 

So today, we’ve got to hand it to our friends at The Daily Meal. These guys scoured the country in search of America’s best pies, and with over 800 pizzerias to taste-test (seriously, how do we get that job?), boy did they have their work cut out. 

The star-studded roster of pizza experts has compiled their favorites, and the votes are in: feast your eyes – and your taste buds – on the 101 Best Pizzas in America 2015. Care to take a bite?

Naturally, we rounded up a few of our favorites – all of which happen to be proud users of the GreenBox. Celebrities by association? We think so, and we couldn’t be more excited for these guys. Power to the pizza ☺

Pizza Moto
Pick of the Pie: Margherita (Tomato, fresh cow’s milk mozzarella, basil, pecorino and olive oil)

Best known for their bubbly, char-kissed Neapolitan style pies, Moto’s mobile oven is a city standout. Hand-built by their team of designers and artisans, Moto “rolls” with a one-of-a-kind crew, serving olive oil-drizzled and mozzarella-dotted wood-fired perfection that’s sure to satisfy. 

Pick of the Pie: The Classic (Tomato sauce made with puréed Jersey tomatoes, mozzarella and basil)

Tucked away in the corner of Brooklyn’s cozy Clinton Hill neighborhood, owners Matt & Emily fell in love over pizza...and they haven’t looked back since. A welcoming spot that feels like home, Emily’s artisan-style pies (and top-notch burgers) are worth crossing the bridge for. 

Pick of the Pie: The Delmar (Deep-dish with mozzarella, cheddar, barbecue sauce, chicken, red and green peppers, red onion and fresh cilantro)

“There’s more than meets the Pi” at this St. Louis staple, where their signature deep-dish isn’t complete without a side of spicy pickles and a prime craft beer. Pi is a presidential favorite, with Mr. Obama himself declaring their pizza the “best he’s ever had.” 

From Pi’s sustainable practices to their commitment to the community, these guys know how to do good by doing well – and we love ‘em for it.  

Pick of the Pie: Pepperoni

Not officially GreenBox users – yet!, but we couldn’t help but give this classic NYC pizzeria (and GreenBox team favorite) a shout-out. They’ve been feelin’ much-deserved love lately, with comparing their authenticity to the beloved Jon Stewart (who we miss terribly, but that’s a whole other blog topic). The Daily Meal calls Grimaldi’s one of Brooklyn’s “most storied pizzerias,” and with pie like that, there’s no doubt as to why.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

“Skinny” Pizza, Big Flavor

They’re a trendy spot with a catchy name and fervor for freshness, and boy have we got the Skinny.

“Real pizza, real thin...and real darn good.” SkinnyPizza Founder and Owner Joe Vetrano said it best, and fans of this modern-style pizzeria simply couldn’t agree more. In a sprawling sea of over 2,000 NYC pizzerias, Skinny’s a standout. 

New York pizza with a twist, Skinny is best known for their light & airy crust, and as one Yelp reviewer put it: “straight yumminess.” They’ve got a topping selection like we’ve never seen (truffle oil, anyone?), and a passion that’s unparalleled. They call it “pure goodness,” a commitment to creating guilt-free, great-tasting pie that keeps customers coming back for more.

And you know what? It works for us every time.

Skinny’s sauce is made with organic tomatoes, their cheese is all-natural and their toppings are hormone, nitrate and nitrite-free. Even their crust is made without preservatives or additives. Farm-to-table lovers, rejoice! 

Their signature SkinnyArugula is a GreenBox team favorite, made with fresh mozzarella, garlic, baby arugula, scallions, tomatoes and balsamic. And the kicker? Each delectable slice is just 150 calories. We’ve got these guys on speed-dial, and our beach-bod is lovin’ it. 

But Skinny is so much more than just a top-notch pizza spot. Since their opening in 2011, Skinny’s believed in our product – partnering with us from the very beginning, and sending GreenBox love every step of the way. Today, they’ve gone custom, which for Joe Vetrano was the “natural next step.” 

We think the new look is pure greatness. ☺

Skinny, we’re lucky to call you friends, family members & the coolest CNBC costars around. Now, can we place our order?