Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sani-Stak, Givin’ Back

Here at GreenBox, we’re gung-ho about innovative design. I mean, we’re home of the “Swiss Army knife of pizza boxes,” after all. ☺

So when we stumble across a company that shares our passion for the green life, we can’t help but send them some love. And where nifty takeout containers are concerned – it’s a no brainer.   

Enter the Sani-Stak. Much more than just a catchy name, this patented, eco-friendly masterpiece is about to take Seamless by storm. With built-in space for condiment cups on top of the box, the Sani-Stak is focused on functionality, sustainability & food safety.

Sounds like our kind of product.

We’ve all been there. The deliveryman comes a knockin’ with your Cobb salad (extra bacon, obviously), and you open the container to find your cup of dressing spilled, drenching your once-crunchy lettuce, dribbling out the side and onto your brand new pair of flannel PJs. Not fun, and the Sani-Stak gets it. 

With condiments gettin’ comfy on top, rather than inside, the container – we can all revel in the fact that our next to-go meal is ultra hygienic and far less drippy. The stackable & practical factors don’t hurt, either.  

But the green features of the Sani-Stak really get us fired up. Cause you know, we’re kind of about that here. Available in two Earth-friendly materials – bagasse & recyclable PET plastic, Styrofoam has never been so yesterday. 

We know what you’re thinking. “Wait. Bagasse? Is that some trendy Italian restaurant?” No, no – it’s far “sweeter.” A by-product of sugar cane, bagasse is compostable and biodegradable, decomposing within just 90 days (plastic takes a whopping 400 years and Styrofoam sticks around for life). Plus, it’s totally microwaveable. No clean dishes? No problem. We’re all about that at GB HQ. 

The Sani-Stak is givin’ back. And that’s our kind of packaging.

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