Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From DreamTeam to GreenTeam

It all starts with an idea.

And, when it involves pizza - well... that's just fabulous.

So, when CBS' The Henry Ford Innovation Nation invited the GreenBox to be featured on an upcoming episode, it was a no-brainer. Cause us pizza lovers gotta stick together.

"A weekly celebration of the inventor's spirit," Innovation Nation has touted the likes of solar roads, pocket-sized printers & microscopic windmills. Oh, and "plastic" made from banana peels.

Talk about the best of company.

Hosted by CBS News correspondent Mo Rocca, Innovation Nation applauds American innovators who have changed our world forever - praising the GreenBox as a "dream come true for pizza eaters." 

And that, my friends, is one of our best compliments yet.

The episode aired this past Saturday (here's a link if you missed it!), but who doesn't love a little behind-the-scenes action? Here are a few shots of the fun.

GreenBox, our friends at Two Boots pizza & one darn cool TV crew. Now that's a DreamTeam.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fresh, Made to Order & Designed for Sharing

11 states, 700+ locations & XL pizzas made fresh to order. 

...All home to a custom-designed GreenBox pizza box. ☺

From “by the slice” to “full-size,” convenience store giant QuikTrip has gone carryout, introducing a 12-slice pie with a focus on freshness. From a breakfast pizza (all day!) to their standout supreme, QT Kitchens are crisping up pies while you wait. 

And our gussied-up GreenBox gets to be a part of it. One-of-a-kind artwork and all.

With savory slices too good not to share, QT customers are gettin’ in on the GreenBox fun – capitalizing on the “perfect pizza box” for their crunchy, cheesy goodness.

From the looks of it, they love every minute. Here are a few shots of the action.