Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays from the GreenBox Intern!

Hello, all. It’s been a while since I blogged and as usual there’s a lot to catch you up on. First, a point of procedure: technically, I am no longer the GreenBox Intern. I have moved on to different (although, of course, not “greener”) pastures. As for the gaping void left by my absence, well…it’s already been filled. There will be a new intern occupying my desk (read: folding card table) in the very near future. Apparently there is no such thing as a “period of mourning” in the cutthroat world of Corporate America. I wonder if the girls in the deli downstairs from the office have forgotten me already. My only consolation about being replaced is the impending lawsuit if the new guy (or gal) even thinks about calling himself “the GreenBox Intern”.  Come up with your own title, punk. That’s part of the gig.

In any event, I will still be contributing entries to this here blog, and I’ve decided to address the approaching holidays and the New Year ahead. To that end, I’ve employed some technical wizardry to overlay the standard GreenBox with a festive nod to the Christmas season. Here are the goods:

I spent almost 200 billable hours creating this work of art and if you people don’t appreciate it you can all expect coal in your stockings. This holiday version of the GreenBox, like the season it represents, encourages one to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. That’s the idea, anyway. If it doesn’t, then you’re an unfeeling Philistine and you wouldn’t appreciate great graphic design if it bit you on the rear end.

Where was I? Ah, yes: the holidays are about family. And since this is America, when you think “family”, you don’t have far to go before you arrive at “pizza”. It’s an American holiday tradition to order a couple of pizzas on Christmas Eve and share them in front of a roaring television. And think how much easier it would be to enjoy those pizzas from a box that makes eating a pleasure and disposal a breeze – a present to yourself, your family, and the environment.

The holidays are also about reflecting on the year behind us, as well as the year ahead.  And what a year it has been for the GreenBox. There’s been an avalanche of exciting news, and a steady rise in the number of forward-thinking pizza shops and chains around the country who have embraced the GreenBox (much to the delight of their customers, no doubt). 2010 saw the GreenBox make incredible strides towards deposing the standard industry box, so much so that there’s little doubt of that paradigm shift becoming a reality in the very near future. 2011, no doubt, will be the year of the GreenBox.

And not just the GreenBox – 2011 will also see ECOvention expanding their product line with innovative packaging designs of all kinds. William Walsh is not content to just solve The Pizza Box Problem – he’s gonna clean up a few other wasteful packaging designs as well.

So stay tuned to this blog for updates in the New Year. And this holiday season, make sure you give yourself the gift of utility, environmental responsibility, and ingenious design – give yourself and your family... pizza, in the GreenBox. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

One of “The 15 Most Brilliant Ideas"? GreenBox

If we did a blog entry every time a news source or blog covered the GreenBox, we wouldn’t have time to get anything else done (and believe us, there’s a lot of “else” that needs to get done lately – big things are happening here at the GreenBox offices). So while we wish we could cover every bit of coverage we get, there’s just not enough time in the day. This is what is known as a “luxury problem”.

But every so often, something pops up on our radar screen that demands attention. Here’s a great example.

Business Insider, an online publication read by the cream of the crop in the business world, recently chose the GreenBox as #4 on their list of “The 15 Most Brilliant Ideas We’ve Seen This Fall”.

We’ve had word from well-placed sources that this publication tickles the eyeballs of executives and business big-whigs around the nation and around the world, so we’re giving ourselves a bit of a pat on the back for rousing their interest. The GreenBox shares space on the list with some of the most incredible inventions of the last year or so – and in our opinion, and in the opinion of the folks at Business Insider, the GreenBox more than deserves that rarified company.

Check out the article here, and keep in this in mind: this list represents the handful of products that will be changing the way the world works in the coming years. The GreenBox intends to do no less than that in the pizza industry, and we’re more confident every day that the industry is catching up to the genius of inventor William Walsh.

The standard pizza box that you’re used to might have made a “15 Most Brilliant Ideas” list back in 1950 or so, but it’s been a long time since then. It’s time for something new – the GreenBox.