Friday, October 31, 2014

Will: Our Co-Founder & Friend, Always

It’s been an incredible year for Ecovention. Mentions of the GreenBox have been ever-present, from talk shows to radio shows, from blogs to beyond. It’s thrilling, humbling, and everything we ever wanted. But through it all… we can’t help but think of Will.

Three years ago this November, we lost our beloved co-founder & GreenBox creator, William Walsh. He was a passionate leader, a caring father, and a forever friend; he was a human being we were lucky to know. His genius was contagious. His smile and wit lit up the room. He was a man with soul, an unwavering spirit, and an unforgettable presence.

The world just hasn’t been the same. We’re missing him always.

But the truth is, he hasn’t left us. With every moment of success & happiness, we feel him. We heard him cheering us on when the GreenBox made headlines in The Huffington Post. We felt his hugs & high-fives when we were featured on segments of The Chew, Rachael Ray & MSNBC. We saw his soulful eyes light up with pride when the GreenBox made waves in Buzzfeed & The LA Times. He’s here, every step of the way, pushing us forward toward his dreams – and ours.

So today, we want to thank him. For the invention he brought to life, for the way he’s changing the world, and for the lives he has touched. He always wanted to make a difference… and we’re immensely proud to be a part of his vision, realized. 

This is only the beginning.


  1. Why so secretive about how Mr. Walsh died?

  2. Just looked up my old friend Will and saw that he’s no longer with us.
    My heart goes out to all his family and friends. Will was one of a kind and even though I’d lost touch with him I can look back and reflect on the fond memories and laughs we had. RIP Will!!

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