Tuesday, July 28, 2015

“Skinny” Pizza, Big Flavor

They’re a trendy spot with a catchy name and fervor for freshness, and boy have we got the Skinny.

“Real pizza, real thin...and real darn good.” SkinnyPizza Founder and Owner Joe Vetrano said it best, and fans of this modern-style pizzeria simply couldn’t agree more. In a sprawling sea of over 2,000 NYC pizzerias, Skinny’s a standout. 

New York pizza with a twist, Skinny is best known for their light & airy crust, and as one Yelp reviewer put it: “straight yumminess.” They’ve got a topping selection like we’ve never seen (truffle oil, anyone?), and a passion that’s unparalleled. They call it “pure goodness,” a commitment to creating guilt-free, great-tasting pie that keeps customers coming back for more.

And you know what? It works for us every time.

Skinny’s sauce is made with organic tomatoes, their cheese is all-natural and their toppings are hormone, nitrate and nitrite-free. Even their crust is made without preservatives or additives. Farm-to-table lovers, rejoice! 

Their signature SkinnyArugula is a GreenBox team favorite, made with fresh mozzarella, garlic, baby arugula, scallions, tomatoes and balsamic. And the kicker? Each delectable slice is just 150 calories. We’ve got these guys on speed-dial, and our beach-bod is lovin’ it. 

But Skinny is so much more than just a top-notch pizza spot. Since their opening in 2011, Skinny’s believed in our product – partnering with us from the very beginning, and sending GreenBox love every step of the way. Today, they’ve gone custom, which for Joe Vetrano was the “natural next step.” 

We think the new look is pure greatness. ☺

Skinny, we’re lucky to call you friends, family members & the coolest CNBC costars around. Now, can we place our order? 

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Pizza the Heartland

You bring the plates, we've got the pizza. Simple as that. 

That's the motto of the "Pizza Farm": the newest trend emerging out of America's Heartland. It's all the rage in the farm-to-table movement, and we hope it's here to stay. 

The Pizza Farm is a concept that's sprouting up across our nation, but it's roots stem from small, family-owned farms along the Mississippi. Leave it to the good 'ol Midwesterners of Wisconsin and Minnesota to create a one-of-a-kind experience that's tough to top: fresh-baked pizza layered with local ingredients, served on an idyllic farm setting. 

Grab a few friends, a bottle of wine & your appetite, and you've got yourself an unforgettable dining adventure. We like to call it "farm-to-blanket."

Just an hour south of Minneapolis, you'll find Red Barn Farm, where every Wednesday night from the late spring through the early fall, locals gather for "pizza night." The Sour Pig topped with farm-grown onions, crunchy sauerkraut and local sausage is a fan-favorite, best enjoyed with live musicians strumming their guitars in the background. Most nights, the Winter family serves over 200 pizzas - each topped with tomatoes, roasted garlic and basil harvested just feet away. 

There's nothing else quite like it. 

At Wisconsin's Suncrest Gardens Farm, guests enjoy their wood-fired pizza among the picturesque gardens and friendly farm animals, where games for the kids and sunset campfires are a highlight. From July to August, guests rave about Suncrest's "Fiesta," a seasonal pie topped with creamy cilantro lime sauce, mozzarella, salsa, fiesta chicken and sweet corn. Don't forget to stay for dessert, where freezie pops, fresh-baked cookies and you guessed it - campfire s'mores are on the menu.

At most pizza farms, diners bring along their own plates and silverware, but we're counting on the day when the GreenBox will become a Pizza Farm staple, and we can be part of the freshest pizza around, at the loveliest spot in town. 

Heather Secrist, owner of Suncrest Gardens Farm said something that'll stick with us: "The experience of eating outdoors on our farm among our gardens in the valley is just as important as the food itself." 

 Now, ain't that the truth?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Outside the GreenBox & Up on the RoofTop

“My favorite food in NYC is pizza.”

And that was that. Our new intern would fit right in.

Over the last few months, the GreenBox team was joined by Kavisha Desai, a student at Amrut Mody School of Management in Ahmedabad, India. A marketing major with a can-do attitude, Kavisha was the perfect addition to the GreenBox family…and her passion for pizza sealed the deal. 

Kavisha was in search of an exciting opportunity, and the nine weeks she spent with us didn’t disappoint. Within her first week on-board, the GreenBox made headlines in leading design and creativity site, PSFK. If that wasn’t enough, the re-airing of our appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank had our phones buzzing, inboxes full & social media channels bombarded (our demo video is just shy of 6 million hits!). It was the best kind of busy, and we’re so glad Kavisha was a part of it. ☺

With her time with us coming to a close, we said goodbye to Kavisha the only way we know how: with some NYC-style grub (and lots of it). It was a perfect summer day here in New York, and the whole team gathered at Refinery Rooftop – a go-to spot for sunny city days, awesome appetizers and you guessed it…pizza. 

We all shared a few (okay, four and a half) of Refinery’s artisan-style pizza pies, and enjoyed each other’s company alongside guacamole toast (Kavisha’s favorite!), shrimp salads and juicy cheeseburgers. 

As our adventure came to a close, we asked Kavisha about her favorite day with GreenBox. She smiled and said, “today,” and that she couldn’t wait to be back. Her Instagram sums it up perfectly:

How lucky are we?