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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A MultiGreen of Uses

According to Business Week, the GreenBox is the “perfect pizza box”...and we’re darn proud to call it ours. 

But sometimes, we forget that the GreenBox is so much more than just a box – and thankfully, we’ve got you guys around to remind us. From an all-in-one picnic “basket” to a fashionable accessory, we’ve rounded up all the cool ways to “go GreenBox.”

What will you think up next?

1. Baked-good boxes. Norfolk, Virginia’s The Bakehouse at Chelsea is known for much more than just their fabulous pizza pie. Their scrumptious baked goods are a perfect fit inside the GreenBox, but we’re betting “leftovers” are a rare occurrence in the world of freshly-baked blueberry turnovers. ☺ 

2. Superb celebrations. When it comes to honoring their employees, Dough Artisan Pizzeria does it right. No “Employee of the Month” portrait is complete without a GreenBox cameo (or nine)! This one’s a keeper.  

3. Picture-perfect picnics. Customers of Skinny Pizza & Salvatore’s Tomato Pies are livin’ the dream. You just can’t top sunny days, delicious pizza & some of your closest friends. Next time, we’re inviting ourselves. ☺ 

4. Awesome accessories. A pizza purse? You got it. Neapolitan Express' appearance on NBC’s New York Live brought the GreenBox to a whole new level. That’s one cute clutch if we do say so ourselves. Gucci, are you listening?

5. Hip hair-do’s. We’re foreseeing a summer trend, all thanks to customers of Pizza Boli’s. As long as we can still overeat pizza and talk about how much we love the GreenBox, we’re all for it. ☺

6. Dough on display. Too pretty to eat, dontcha think? Virgil’s Plate is always showing us their GreenBox love, but this photo is an all-time favorite. They certainly know how to wear their heart on their sleeve… (wink wink)

7. A cool companion. Step aside, afternoon cup of tea. The GreenBox is in town. We all love a good book, but pizza on the side makes it a GREAT one (especially when it comes from a Skinny Pizza oven). Mmmm – is it time for lunch #2 yet?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Seaing Green Down Under

New wave pizza, tropical cocktails & sprawling views of Australia's Pyrmont Bay. Thanks to Pizzaperta, al fresco dining will never be the same. 


An open-air piazza style pizzeria inspired by the authenticity of Italian street food, Pizzaperta is in a class of its own. With Stefano Manfredi, Australia's Godfather of Italian Cuisine, at the helm (and one-of-a-kind pizza, including Buffalo Ricotta & Fennel Sausage on the menu), we wouldn't expect anything less. 

We're lucky enough to call them the first GreenBox users “down under,” and we've got GreenBox Australia to thank for making it happen. And the best news? The GreenBox is a hit among the Aussies (GreenBox Australia's Facebook page has over 23,000 likes and counting)! We're already rallying around the idea of a GreenBox team field trip ;)

But, we can't take all the credit. After catching us on ABC's Shark Tank, Chef Manfredi knew the GreenBox would be the perfect fit for his innovative “passion project” known today as Pizzaperta. 

In the words of Manfredi himself, “It is very clever in the way it is made…People are amazed with the box, especially how it morphs into a takeaway container, almost like a transformer.”

Talk about flattery. :)

In fact, they love the GB so much that they serve every pizza in their beautifully customized boxes. No plates necessary when you've got such handy eye candy to serve your picture-perfect pie.

Traditional pizza aside (ahem, their Marinara Australiana is calling us), we've got our eye on the Rio Sweet Calzone, with banana, dark chocolate, guava jam & caramelized macadamias folded inside freshly baked pizza dough. They've also come up with a “nutella pillow” dessert. Someone pinch us.  

In the words of a Pizzaperta fan, “This could become an addiction.” 

You got that right, mate.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Out of the Box": 10 of Our Best-Kept Secrets

It's a pizza box, 4 plates and a storage container. Oh my! 

Friends of GreenBox all know and love our eco-friendly "genius pizza box" (the one that's changing the world, one pizza box at a time ☺), but we're betting even our biggest fans will learn a little something today. 

So, since we just feasted on a large pie and we're feelin' good (and in a partial food coma) we thought we'd share some of our best-kept secrets. It's time we let them out of the box, dontcha think?

Here goes nothin'!

1. Even celebrities love the GreenBox. Back in 2009, A-list actor and Twitter aficionado Ashton Kutcher tweeted about our product with one simple word: "Smart." For a young start-up, the moment was huge. Six years later and we still brag about it to our friends. 

2. The GreenBox wasn't a gift from the Gods. It was actually invented by our co-founder, William Walsh, back in college. Living in a frat house left a lot to be desired (including clean dishes), so Will began tearing pizza box tops into plates. One X-acto knife and 100 pizza boxes later, Will came up with a use for the bottom of the box, too: a compact storage container for leftovers. It was then and there that the GreenBox design was born. 

3. The GreenBox may be American-made, but it's available to pizzerias all over the globe. In fact, the GreenBox is making waves "down under" through our partner in Australia (heck yeah, mate!), as well as in Central America, the Middle East and, in coming months, Europe! We just couldn't keep this game-changer to ourselves. ☺ 

4. In 2009, GreenBox was founded by three best friends - and today, we are infinitely proud to call one of those founders our President. Jennifer Wright-Laracy left her stable finance job behind to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship (and pizza obsession). Her story was recently spotlighted on CNBC's "Escaping the Cube." How's that for an awesome leader?

5. Our GreenBox demo video currently boasts over 5.6 million views. That's five times the number of people living in the state of Rhode Island. Just let that soak in for a minute. 

6. The GreenBox was named one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2009. Check out GreenBox creator Will Walsh spotlighted in all his pizza-loving glory. This photo will hang on our wall for years to come, and we couldn't be prouder.

7. Arturo's Pizzeria in Maplewood, NJ and the Big Apple's Pizza by Certe were the first users of the GreenBox - and have both stayed loyal to us from the beginning. Their unwavering faith in our product has helped make GreenBox the new standard of pizza boxes. How lucky are we? 

8. Following a nomination by Whole Foods, the GreenBox was the winner of the Responsible Packaging Award in 2010 (psst: The GreenBox is in half of the Whole Foods' across the U.S.). 

9. We've met some cool people along the way. After being selected by Wharton as one of the "Top 25 Most Promising Start-ups," we were lucky enough to snap this photo with CNBC Host Donny Deutsch at the award ceremony. Don't worry - we made sure to reel him into the GreenBox fan club.

10. We've made the media rounds. In 2014, we were in the hands of Rachael Ray, on set of The Chew, and spotlighted by, The Huffington Post, the LA Times, BuzzFeed and more (really - the list is crazy long). Then, just a few months ago - the GreenBox was featured on ABC's "Shark Tank" and CNBC's "Power Lunch." It's been one heck of a whirlwind, and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Loving the Earth, Today & Always

Earth’s resources are precious, and here at GreenBox, we’re on a mission to preserve them. 

This year, Earth Day is observed on April 22, but inside our “box” – not a day goes by that we don’t take the time to celebrate our wonderful planet. Earth Day is just a reminder of the objective we’ve been working toward since the beginning: innovating to meet the needs of today, while protecting the resources of tomorrow.

And we’re ecstatic to say that we’re doing just that. 

Last week, the GreenBox made headlines in PSFK for “eliminating waste four-fold.” As the article points out, in the U.S. alone, 2.4 billion pizza boxes are used every year. By replacing just 1 million (0.04%) of these with our 100% recycled and recyclable GreenBox, we would preserve the following resources:

  • 5,950 trees on 30 acres of land
  • 1,120 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 2,450,000 gallons of water
  • 1,435,000 kilowatt hours of energy
  • 700 barrels of oil
  • 205,450 pounds of air pollution 

The statistics are astounding.

So today (and every day), we ask that you do your part to make a difference. Cut your morning shower just a little bit short. Take the time to recycle your morning paper. Trade out an old light bulb for an eco-friendly alternative. Bike to work. 

Because, if we’ve learned anything – it’s that small changes can make a remarkable difference.

We all can do our part to keep the Earth beautiful. Remember: we only have one planet, and there is no place like home.