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Friday, October 3, 2014

GreenBox Spotlight: Pizza Pie-er

Twelve different sauces, four types of crust, over two dozen toppings…and a whole lot of delicious decisions to make. You have arrived at Pizza Pie-er.

With spots in Cambridge, Boston and Providence, Pizza Pie-er’s endless options are changing the way people think about pizza. Gluten-free, multi-grain and whole wheat crust? They've got it. A selection of sauces that will make your head spin – including Cajun, sun-dried pesto and tangy buffalo? Check, check, check.

Here at GreenBox, we’re dying to get our hands on their cilantro pesto sauce: a blend of fresh cilantro, olive oil, Romano, garlic & a hint of jalapeno. Top it off with artichoke hearts, Italian sausage and seasoned spinach, and we’ve got ourselves a perfect pie.

And yes, they even have shrimp. This is magical.

If you’re not in the mood for a traditional pizza pie, don’t you fret. Pizza 
Pie-er comes to the rescue with their “pizza sandwiches”: eggplant parmesan rolls, pizza pockets and ricotta-packed calzones are sure to satisfy. They’ve even got a selection of specialty wraps… the Greek D-liter is calling our name (pure yumminess with freshly chopped garlic, feta cheese, baby spinach, black olives and roasted red peppers).

Just when we thought Pizza Pie-er couldn’t get any better, we caught a glimpse of their “brunch and dessert” pies. It was then and there that we seriously considered transplanting our New York office to Beantown. Locals rave about their dessert calzone – choose your own crust, and have it filled with a succulent blend of strawberries, cream cheese, and chocolate chips. A sweet treat if we’ve ever heard one.

Now that we’re trying to type through the drool, we want to share a heart-warming comment we received from a Pizza Pie-er(er):

“I just got pizza delivered from Pizza Pie-er and they use your "green box ny" pizza box. I had 3 pieces of pizza left and read the instructions for how to fold it into a leftovers box, and it is amazing!!!! I am so impressed and really believe in your product. Great work!” – Rebecca Rhoads

We’re delighted to have the GreenBox at Pizza Pie-er, and feeling giddy over such wonderful comments from fans. You keep us young. ;)

So stop by Pizza Pie-er for one of their extraordinary pies. The combinations are infinite, and your taste buds will thank you. The Earth will thank you, too. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Huff Po… Ready, Set, Go!

We might have a tiny office, but we’ve got a big press book.

It’s been quite a month for GreenBox – a wonderful whirlwind – and we’re still waiting for someone to pinch us.

In just under a week, our eco-friendly pizza box made headlines in some of the top news sites in the world; from The Huffington Post to Buzzfeed, The LA Times and Thrillist, and the hits just kept on coming. Practically overnight, we doubled our Facebook "likes”, and our GreenBox demo video climbed to over 2.5 million views. Could we ask for more?

We’re flattered, humbled, and still jumping for joy. We’ve even gone global – with hits in Spanish, French & yes… Malaysian outlets. We’re feelin’ the worldly love.

There’s been a ton to keep up with, so we thought we’d put together a press roundup for our loyal GreenBox fans. We included some of our favorite comments from followers, too (you guys really know how to make us smile).

We know, we know. The list is long… and awesome. But we couldn’t have done it without you.

“The best thing to happen to pizza since pizza.”

“You know a product is a good idea when you are surprised it didn't already exist.”

“Simple, but exceptional.”

“Here is the kind of innovation I can get behind!”

“A mad stroke of genius!”

“Pizza was 100% perfect, now it's…110% perfect”

Inhabitat & their awesome demo video!
“WHOOO-HOO! Give that man the NOBEL PRIZE! Brilliant!”

“William Walsh is a cardboard boss!”

“Smart and much needed design.”

“Smart - somebody had their thinking cap on. All pizza places should use these.”

“Bravo! This is amazing. I hope to see it in every pizzeria in the world.”

“Thanks for showing us all hope is not lost for our planet.”

“You sir, are a genius!!!! Thank you for helping our planet be a little better, one pizza at a time.”

“The sort of innovation that needs to be celebrated.”

“I see this catching on in a big way.”

"This is the greatest idea, and I'm glad inventors are thinking inside, as well as outside, of the box."

“This reinvented pizza box is positively genius.”

“Amazing competitive advantage. Pizza owners take note!”

"This. Is. Awesome."

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pumpin' Up Your Pulse with Pizza

Want to get us to run? Promise us there’ll be food at the end.

Better yet, promise us pizza.

New York City’s annual pizza run has got this down pat, and the race is just around the corner.

(Yes, we swear this is a real thing.)

That’s right: on Saturday, September 13th, food-frenzied New Yorkers will hit the streets to complete a two-mile run through historic Tompkins Square Park. After each lap, every runner must stop at a “pizza station” and scarf down a slice. The one who races and faces his pizza fastest will be crowned Pizza Run Champion.

…And yes, there WILL be prizes.

All in all, we love the Pizza Run for a whole bunch of reasons. First, a portion of the proceeds benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) – the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes research.

Secondly, we love pizza. And people who love pizza.

Pizza by Certe, Manhattan’s first Gold LEED certified pizzeria (and rockstars of the GreenBox) is backing the event, too. In fact, all of the pie eaten during the race is straight from their eco-friendly kitchen, and served in our 100% recycled pizza boxes.

Therefore, in the words of fellow Tweeter, @LeslieEMcDonald: “This, I can get behind.”

Come on, fellow foodies. Let’s show our pizza passion. We’ll race ya for it.