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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pumpin' Up Your Pulse with Pizza

Want to get us to run? Promise us there’ll be food at the end.

Better yet, promise us pizza.

New York City’s annual pizza run has got this down pat, and the race is just around the corner.

(Yes, we swear this is a real thing.)

That’s right: on Saturday, September 13th, food-frenzied New Yorkers will hit the streets to complete a two-mile run through historic Tompkins Square Park. After each lap, every runner must stop at a “pizza station” and scarf down a slice. The one who races and faces his pizza fastest will be crowned Pizza Run Champion.

…And yes, there WILL be prizes.

All in all, we love the Pizza Run for a whole bunch of reasons. First, a portion of the proceeds benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) – the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes research.

Secondly, we love pizza. And people who love pizza.

Pizza by Certe, Manhattan’s first Gold LEED certified pizzeria (and rockstars of the GreenBox) is backing the event, too. In fact, all of the pie eaten during the race is straight from their eco-friendly kitchen, and served in our 100% recycled pizza boxes.

Therefore, in the words of fellow Tweeter, @LeslieEMcDonald: “This, I can get behind.”

Come on, fellow foodies. Let’s show our pizza passion. We’ll race ya for it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dollar Pie, My Oh My… Let’s “Slice Out Hunger”!

New York’s biggest pizza party is just around the corner, and you’re invited.

It’s called “Slice Out Hunger,” and for the fifth year in a row, Ecovention will be setting up camp amongst 40 of the city’s top pizza restaurants, sponsoring the event and contributing our eco-friendly boxes to the cause.

Great company, and NYC’s finest pizza pie. What more could one want?

The best part: each slice is just one dollar, and 100% of proceeds go directly to Food Bank for New York City, the city’s major hunger-relief organization for over 31 years.

To put things into perspective, every single dollar made through the event funds 5 meals for New Yorkers in need. In 2013, Slice Out Hunger raised $20,000, ultimately sponsoring 100,000 meals for hungry city dwellers.

…Now that’s a heck of a reason to stop by for a slice.

I know, I know, you’re on board. So, where can you sign up? No need to buy tickets ahead of time. Just mark your calendars for October 8th and head on over to 154 Sullivan Street around 6pm. Bring your friends, a few bucks, and of course – an empty stomach. The party doesn’t stop until the pizza runs out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Triskeles: People with Purpose, Passion & Pizza Love

For the past four years, GreenBox has teamed up with the Triskeles program: a foundation dedicated to creating a conscious, sustainable world across all generations. Through Triskeles, high school students are invited to intern with qualifying organizations – those where innovative human beings are committed to fostering a “green” today and even greener tomorrow.

We’re so proud to be one of them.

For the month of July, we’ve been lucky enough to be joined by our intern, Marita, a 14 year old realistic fiction connoisseur from the Bronx. While she might be a little shy, Marita is a heck of a writer… so naturally, we asked her to share her feelings on our favorite topic: pizza.

We love what she came up with, and thought you would, too:

Growing up, I spent every summer in Massachusetts with my cousins, and nothing felt better than gathering the family together in our little kitchen to make homemade pizzas. We made several different pies, from thin crust, my favorite, to the combo. Everybody had a job to do, whether it was spreading the cheese or rolling the dough. That hour we spent in the kitchen created some of the best memories.

Smelling the pizza and waiting for it to finish baking stirred up excitement and anticipation in the house. When it was finally ready, the time and effort we spent in to making the pies was long gone as we took apart the pizza slice by slice. Sitting there, enjoying the fact that pizza brought us together, I stopped looked at my pizza and asked, “What would I do without you?”

Today, we say thank you to Marita – for her hard work, her passion, and love for pizza pie. Here’s to Triskeles for bringing us together, and for letting us be a part of their vision. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

GreenBox Spotlight: Upper Crust Pizzeria

Authentic Italian cheese, farm-to-table toppings and vine-ripened tomatoes fresh-picked from sunny California.

…Sounds like a darn good pizza to me.

Since 2001, Boston’s Upper Crust Pizza has been making waves throughout Beantown. With roots in historic Beacon Hill, their concept is simple: fresh, unexpected, flavorful and always extraordinary. So extraordinary, in fact, that they’ve opened up 5 other locations within the city.

You can take our word for it, or you can stop by for a slice of their “Patata Rosa”: a white pizza loaded with rosemary, garlic, roasted red bliss potatoes, caramelized onions & fontina cheese. Another fan favorite is “The Uncommon”: a mouth-watering mix of bacon, chopped pineapple & jalapeno.

Upper Crust is known for their one-of a-kind combinations that change daily (stop in tomorrow for hamburger, bell peppers & onions, or this Saturday for steak & gorgonzola).  Better yet, check out – and print out – their “slice of the day” calendar. We have it bookmarked.

Just this week, our very own Jennifer Wright made her way up to Boston and had the pleasure of tasting (ok, inhaling) Upper Crust’s “slice of the day” – a thin-crusted pizza topped with a yummy mix of crunchy bacon and roasted potatoes. She was beaming about the friendly staff, too.

We’re jealous, so the rest of us are already planning a road trip to test out July’s pizza of the month: topped with diced tomatoes, feta cheese, roasted red peppers and homemade hummus, it’s got stomachs rumbling all over GreenBox offices.

Bottom line? We’re proud to have the GreenBox make its way up the East Coast, but even more thrilled to be part of such a well-loved Boston staple. You heard it here, folks…Upper Crust, you’re a must.