Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogs We Like!... OpGreen Insights: Top 5 Fashionable and Biodegradable Products

Today is the second edition of a sporadic feature simply entitled “Blogs We Like!”  Since there’s such a constant flow of online coverage of our beloved GreenBox, we’ve decided to highlight, on an ad-hoc basis, some of our company faves for our readers.

This particular entry comes to us from OpGreen Insights, the blog page for Opportunity Green, a conference that brings together today's leading companies and visionaries to showcase the players, opportunities and innovations that drive today's new green economy. 

The folks at Opportunity Green scoured the design world this year to come up with a list of the most stylish and biodegradable items that have turned planned-obsolescence into compostable chic. And which product do you figure might have made the prestigious top-five?  Oh well <blush> we hate to toot our own horn, but... oh who are we kidding? We love tooting our own horn.  It was the GreenBox and we are thrilled to bits by its inclusion. 

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the country's largest sustainability conference has honored the GreenBox. Back in late 2009, Opportunity Green selected the GreenBox as a finalist in its OG25 Innovation Awards competition, resulting in an enviably large photo in the prestigious LA Times as well as a guest spot on Johnny Carson. Pretty cool. Ok, ok, there was no guest spot on Johnny Carson but had it still been airing at the time of the article we are pretty darn certain that there would have been.

Yep, Opportunity Green had some pretty kind words to say in its blog about the GreenBox as well as some other fine products  to boot (check out Verterra dinnerware, for example - very cool!). So, we'll just sign off here and and let the post speak for itself.

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