Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The GreenBox and I

   As the new intern for ECOvention, LLC, I was (and still am) very excited about the idea of the new and improved pizza box, the GreenBox! When Jen and Ned explained to me about the idea and concept, I began to wonder why a few of my favorite pizza chains haven't started using it as of yet, it is PURE GENIUS. With the U.S. and other countries beginning to get environmentally friendly, I found this invention to be revolutionary in a sense that not only will the pizza box take on a new look and use but other food containers will too.

   I've had pizza from two different pizza chains in the last two weeks and it's sad to say that I had to use plates (more dishes to wash and the use of water that can be conserved) and aluminum foil to store the left overs (the routine everytime I order pizza). The GreenBox makes the "normal box" seem so... I don't know, a bit useless if you ask me. The GreenBox has purpose, it has life, it has storage, it has perforated plates, it has... everything!? And the GreenBox is much more conventional, more cool... looks better too.  I wouldn't be surprised if the models used it as an accessory at New York Fashion week. 

   Excited I am; I really do look forward to my days here. I would love to experience how far the GreenBox can go and I'm pretty sure it can go very far. I mean it's for the environment, and it can help one out in their normal life, what more can one ask for? For me it would be all the pizzas you can eat, of course with high demands that it comes in a GreenBox and only a GreenBox. Maybe seems like a bit much but the more I can benefit the environment (and myself with the extra cheese and pepperoni) the more I'll be one happy camper. 

-Excited Intern K.

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