Monday, February 27, 2012

Countdown to the International Pizza Expo!

We’re counting down! Here at Ecovention, everyone’s getting excited about the upcoming International Pizza Expo.  With three whole days in sunny Las Vegas among some of the industry’s best, who wouldn’t be?  This year, the show kicks off on March 13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and for 3 days, we will be eating, breathing, and sleeping… you guessed it… pizza. 

Like last year, we will be demonstrating Roma Food's private-labeled "Roma Serve N Store" pizza box (which, like our brilliant GreenBox, turns into plates and a storage container for leftovers).  We'll also be showing off our brand new SliceBox product, an awesome new design that's sturdy, functional and, best of all, green. You can find us at the Roma/Performance Foodservice booth (#1035 to be exact); be sure stop by and say hello - we'd love your company!  And, hey, enjoy some pizza, compliments of Roma, and a GreenBox demo while you're at it!  Not planning to make the trip? You snooze you lose!  Just kidding. Just keep your eyes on our Twitter feed for live updates from the show! 

If you have absolutely no idea what we’re even talking about, that’s okay. We’re here to help. The International Pizza Expo is the largest pizza show in the world… basically, it’s THE place to be if you’re in the pizza industry.  It’s an incredible opportunity for pizzeria owners, inventors (like us!), distributors, and others to network and bounce ideas off one another.  The expo isn’t just for chit-chatting, though.  There will be a ton of demonstrations, games, interesting speakers, and a bunch of competitions. It’s like field day, but for big kids (who love pizza).

Now that we’ve gotten you pumped up about the event, we hope to see your smiling faces checking out our GreenBox products at the Roma booth. You can’t miss us…we’re the ones with the pizza industry’s Next Big Thing. 

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