Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 in a Nutshell (Or More Appropriately, A GreenBox)

Since the first month of the year is not quite over yet, we think it is still appropriate to wish our loyal readers a Happy New Year and all of our best wishes for the year ahead. With the holidays over and the dreary deep freeze upon us, we thought we’d take a fond look back on all of the exciting events of 2012…
2012 was a notable year for new product introductions… 
-  In March, we introduced our brand new GreenBox SliceBox in Whole Food Markets’ North Atlantic Region. The beauty of this packaging is threefold:  (i) It is made from 100% recycled material instead of a blend of virgin and recycled fibers; (ii) it is uncoated, making it 100% recyclable and compostable; and  (iii) it stores flat, saving on storage space for our restaurant customers and eliminating the scrap waste that is created by the popping and tearing of pre-glued corners.
-  In September, we introduced our brand new GreenBox Sandwich Sleeves in Whole Food Markets’ Florida Region. Whole Foods’ loves this packaging for a few reasons:  (i) its made from 100% recycled material; (ii) its uncoated, making it 100% recyclable and compostable; and  (iii) it serves as a convenient plate for shoppers eating on-the-go, even while they shop!
2012 was also an outstanding year for giving back!...
-  In September, GreenBox was a proud sponsor of the 15th hole at Connecticut distributor Russell Hall’s annual golf tournament, with proceeds from the event donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  
-  In September, our long-time customer Pizza by Certe donated mounds of pizza served in the GreenBox to the annual New York City Pizza Run (organized by Jason Feirman, writer of our favorite blog, “I Dream of Pizza”), with event proceeds donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.
-  In October, we donated 1,000 GreenBox pizza boxes to the annual Slice Out Hunger event (organized by Scott Weiner of Scott’s Pizza Tours), with event proceeds donated to City Harvest.
And so, with 2013 now in full swing, we look forward to another exciting year of introducing many more cutting edge, eco-friendly new products and getting involved in causes that mean something to our company, our community and our customers! We’ll be keeping you posted!

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