Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Staying Green When We're Covered In White

For most of us, it’s been a long, freezing cold winter…and let’s be honest, we aren’t thrilled. “Polar Vortex”, this winter's Buzzword, is being thrown around left and right, with temps in the -20°’s across the Midwest (& a windchill close to -60°). If you’re living in Indianapolis, snowfall totals have just broken records, where they’re up to 51.6 inches for the season so far. In fact, it’s our fifth snowiest season ever.

Well. At least the polar bears are happy.

Anyway, if you’re curled up in a ball just wishing for the gigantic iceberg to melt, we feel your pain (I’m wearing three sweatshirts right now, don’t judge me). While we can’t call up Mother Nature and give her a talking to, there are certainly ways to stay warm (and green!) during the deep freeze without cranking up the heat. 

Take a look, share the info, and if all else fails, grab yourself a cup of hot coca & pray for Spring. It won’t be long.

1. Look up. See that bright, yellow thing in the sky? That, fellow readers, is the sun, and it’s your friend. Take advantage of those sunny, wintry days… the kind where the light reflects off the freshly fallen snow. If you’re lucky enough to have windows facing south, open up your shades during the daylight hours. Seriously, you’d be surprised how much warmth that will add to a chilly space. Close them as soon as the sun sets to keep the heat in.

2. Dress like a normal human being. Rather than blasting the heat and prancing around in a cute pair of shorty-shorts, realize it’s winter and that you don’t look very smart. You already know that I support wearing multiple sweatshirts, but don’t forget about those feet of yours – they have special blood vessels that control heating & warming of your body. Contrary to popular belief, wool socks are actually the best choice. Cotton just doesn’t cut it… they actually hold in moisture and make things worse. Ew.

3. Cover it & close it! Hardwood floors are beautiful, we know, but during the winter, heat will find any way to escape… especially through your floors. To keep your room nice and toasty, put down an area rug during the chilliest months. Not to mention, your feet will have something warm & fuzzy to walk on. With your door closed and your shades wide open (see #1), you’ll be good to go.

Stay green. Stay warm. And wish away the white stuff with us.

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