Monday, April 7, 2014

The Secret Garden

Flowering window boxes, warm afternoon winds and the bluest of skies.

Spring in New York, you are lovely. And you are here to stay.

You might never guess that tucked away in the nooks and crannies of our “concrete jungle” are some of the most breathtaking green spaces. Complete with wildflower gardens, river views and butterfly bushes, they’re the hidden gems of our bustling city.

We thought we’d share some of our favorites.
Nestled along the corner of Riverside Park, the colorful space at 91st Street has been run by a community known as “The Garden People” for over 30 years. With winding trails and park benches abound, the gardens are a picturesque setting for an afternoon picnic or Sunday stroll.

Look familiar? You might know it from You’ve Got Mail – the 1998 romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks. It’s where they professed their love, after all.

Heather Garden sits within Fort Tyron Park, a 3-acre green space about 250 feet above the Hudson. With over three-dozen varieties of heather flowers, it’s the largest public garden in the city, and boasts spectacular views of the New Jersey Palisades.

With Spring comes a spectacle of azaleas, peonies, rhododendrons and flowering dogwoods… it’s truly a sight for the sorest of eyes.

So much more than just a green space, Wave Hill is a 28-acre garden and cultural center that overlooks the Hudson (with views all the way to the GW Bridge). 

It used to be a private estate, and features an exquisite 19th century mansion surrounded by endless wildflowers & shady spaces. There’s even a cafĂ© serving afternoon tea & farm-fresh treats. What more could you need?

New York City is infinitely more than 5th Avenue shopping, yellow cabs and food trucks abound. There’s beauty and serenity hidden in the most unlikely places… and we think Spring is the best time to savor it.

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