Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Like A Virgil

One square, two square, three square, four. At Virgil’s Plate, there’s always more, more, more.

When it comes to pepperoni, bacon, and a whole lotta roasted veggies, you’ve got yourself some big decisions to make. Pizza problems? Virgil’s “select-a-slice” has you covered. It’s where you top by the square, and there’s no need to compare. ☺

Cheesy rhymes aside, where else can you grab a 12-cut pizza, topped 12 different ways? Virgil’s owner, Gary Fleming, calls it “Peaceful Pizza” - and amongst the kicking and screaming over sausage or extra cheese here at GreenBox, we’d love to get our hands on one. 

But Virgil’s is so much more than Erie’s #1 referee. Known around town for their rich & buttery house-baked dough and perfectly seasoned sauce, they’ve stolen the hearts of locals and visitors alike. There are no freezers or fryers to be had within Virgil’s walls, as the place prides itself on simply fresh and flavorful ingredients from start to finish. (And when we say “finish,” we mean you best be taking home a bag full of their homemade pepperoni balls. They’re not to be missed.)

A fan favorite has to be their “Happy Wife” – a crispy crust topped with fresh spinach, sausage, tomatoes, red onions and ricotta cheese. Happy wife, happy life!

Not only are they the official inventors of what we deem the “perfect pizza,” Virgil’s has love for the Earth, too. There are no plastic bags or Styrofoam allowed, and bottled water has been officially kicked to the curb. Aside from making delicious pie, it’s Virgil’s goal to operate as eco-friendly as possible. The GreenBox seemed like the perfect fit – and their customers agree. We’re delighted. 

As Gary told our team, “Like you, we’re doing something different within an industry that’s been largely the same.” Could we ever ask for more?

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