Monday, June 14, 2010

Whole Foods Is Carrying The GreenBox!!!

Remember when I said that the GreenBox would soon be appearing in businesses all over the nation? And that soon, you wouldn't be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a GreenBox? Well, I've got some bad news for people who like swinging dead cats without hitting GreenBoxes: we just took another major step towards our stated goal of nationwide domination.

Whole Foods, the hottest and most high-profile grocery store chain in the United States, has decided to stock the GreenBox in 30 Whole Foods stores in the Rocky Mountain region.

It’s a partnership that makes good sense; Whole Foods and ECOvention (that’s us) are both committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices. And just like Whole Foods, we here at ECOvention strive to balance respect for the environment with greater functionality for the consumer. The best of both worlds – Whole Foods and the GreenBox (click the link to see our cute-as-a-button web commercial)!

And just look at that box (above) – it’s a work of art!

Granted, that picture leaves a bit to be desired. I took it on an iPhone in the kitchen of our NYC offices, but what’dya want from me? I’m the intern, not Ansel bloody Adams. But even with my poor photography skills, I think you’ll agree that the two logos go great together.

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to create a real community around this product, and that’s where you, the readers of this blog, come in. Do me a big favor – head over to the Whole Foods blog and tell them how happy you are to see the GreenBox in their product line. And if you don’t live in the Rocky Mountain region, go ahead and tell ‘em that you won’t be happy until the Whole Foods in your area is stocking the GreenBox. That’s called “grassroots”, folks, and it really works.

I gotta go spit-shine CEO William Walsh’s slippers…but leave me some love and I’ll talk to you all soon.


The GreenBox Intern


  1. Dude, you gonna let the Cisco intern show you up like that?

  2. Interning isn't about the glory.

    Having said that, I'm gonna show that string bean what a real intern can do. I'm gonna need back up dancers...he's gonna wish he had never been not-paid.