Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogs We Like!...

Today is the first edition of a ad hoc new feature on the GreenBox blog, simply entitled “Blogs We Like!”  Since there’s such a constant flow of online coverage of the GreenBox, we’ve decided to highlight some of our favorites. We figure this will give you, loyal readers of the GreenBox blog, an easier time of wading through the avalanche of press about our product.

This week’s entry comes to us from Robert Manning, an NYC-based e-marketing expert and all-around enthusiast for innovative design. Mr. Manning stumbled upon the GreenBox recently and, like so many other folks around the world, was enthralled by the intuitive design. Mr. Manning is particularly taken with the way the GreenBox effortlessly synthesizes environmental consciousness with maximum benefit to the consumer (as well he should be).

Mr. Manning is no slouch in the writing department, so I’ll step aside and let him wax eloquent on the virtues of the GreenBox. Give it a read here, and be sure to leave your comments!

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