Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Final Flour

Great friends, your favorite chair & the big game in HD.

What more could you need?

…Pizza. And lots of it.

Everyone knows that Super Bowl Sunday is #1 for pizza sales. No inebriated football fan would have it any other way. In fact, when the 49ers took on the Ravens in 2013, Pizza Hut sold enough slices to cross the Golden Gate Bridge over 1,000 times.

How do they measure these kinds of things?

Anyway. The Super Bowl better watch its back, because March Madness is giving it a run for its money.

That’s right. Last year, during NCAA men’s final four, Dominos sold over 1.7 million pizzas - the busiest stretch of time for the chain all year. In honor of pizza's "biggest month," they're even running a 50% off pizza deal through the 23rd. 

Sales are so good during March Madness that Pizza Hut chose this month to roll out the first national campaign for WingStreet, their new chicken wing brand. If a team with a winged mascot takes the NCAA title, everyone gets free wings on April 10th.

A bucket of garlic parmesan, anyone?

Just remember that Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the only day you have an excuse to binge on pizza & hang out with your best friends. March Madness fans love pizza, too, and the time is upon us.

Let the games begin.  

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