Saturday, February 27, 2010

The GreenBox Commerical

I'm pleased to present the latest piece of perfection to issue from the GreenBox brain trust - a 42-second spot that perfectly captures the simple but revolutionary appeal of the GreenBox. Plus, it features an incredibly cute, precocious little darling who is sure to charm your socks off. No, I'm not talking about GreenBox inventor and CEO William Walsh, although he does make a cameo.

Check out the clip below - it's sure to garner more hits than our previous video release, which is well on the way to 1 Million.

By the way, I was originally slated for the role of "enthusiastic young consumer", but Will nixed the idea almost immediately, saying "I refuse to be captured on film next to that imbecile".

Oh well, Gracie le Du knocked it out of the park anyways.

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