Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Update from the GreenBox Intern...

Here in New York, it’s snowing like the dickens, and I’d much rather be home under the covers with some hot chocolate than here in the GreenBox NY offices.

But GreenBox C.E.O. William Walsh told me that if I didn’t make it in today he’d “dock my pay” – strange threat, since there is no “pay” to speak of. When I expressed a desire to leave at 5 P.M., as is customary here in the United States, he said “You leave at 5 and I’ll slash your benefits. Then what will you do when your son’s asthma starts flaring up again?” Again, a cryptic threat at best – I have no son, and if I did, he would almost certainly not be covered by my already non-existent benefits package here at GreenBox NY.

In any event, I made it in today and I'm slaving away as per usual. At the moment, I'm composing some press releases for our upcoming appearances at the International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York (where we'll be featured at the Imperial Bag & Paper booth) and the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas (which I won't be attending, because as Will said, "What the hell do we need you there for? Go get me a coffee").

William Walsh – an enigmatic genius, and a very demanding employer. Wish me luck.


The GreenBox NY Intern

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