Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Passionate Testimonials from Satisfied Customers!!!

I’ve said it a million times: the truly amazing thing about the GreenBox is the way it inspires the people who use it. To be honest, we haven’t had to worry much about publicity or marketing for one simple reason: the people who use the GreenBox quickly become almost evangelical about their experience. Once they’ve gotten a taste of how the box works, how it makes life easier and improves the health of the planet, people are suddenly moved to extol the benefits of the product all on their own - I swear, we don't pay 'em! Something about this nifty pizza box really seems to loosen people’s tongues. We feel there is no greater testament to the viability of the product than this tendency it has to effortlessly get people talking.

More often than not, GreenBox customers take it upon themselves to promote the product, dutifully spreading the word and winning converts in their local communities and nationwide. It's not every new product that generates that kind of self-sustaining publicity, and we here at ECOvention could not be more thankful to the folks who truly love the GreenBox and who use all sorts of outlets (print media, social networking sites, blogs, etc.) to make their feelings know to the world at large.

Case in point: this fantastic video produced by Arturo’s Osteria and Pizzeria in Maplewood, New Jersey. Dan Richer, the owner and chef at Arturo’s, was one of the very first person in the nation to latch on to the GreenBox and really fall in love with it – and you can feel the love in this video!

The video is posted below, but you can also access it here, on the beautifully maintained website for Arturo’s. If you’re in New Jersey, you must stop by and sample their amazing wood-fired pies; in fact, if you’re in the tri-state area, their pizza is well worth a day trip. Stop by their site and show them some love!


The GreenBox Intern (The Old One)

P.S. Credit goes to YoungIntern (Emani) for finding this video on the Wild West of the internet - the rest of us had missed this one until today!

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