Thursday, August 5, 2010

The GreenBox Takes A Ride on the Fox Pizza Bus!

Have you ever strolled into a food parlor and greedily eaten a bunch of samples? Has the store owner looked at you with an attitude because of this? Well, have no fear, moochers! At the LA Street Foods Fest you are welcome to taste as many samples as you like and you won't be given guilt-inducing looks by vendors. At this event there are more than 60 providers with their best dishes.

Among the group on July 24th was the incredible Fox Pizza Bus. And guess what they were using to deliver their delicious and unique creations? You guessed it: the GreenBox! They received great reviews about the product throughout the day! Though they're extremely busy as usual (and deservedly so) they were generous enough to share these photos with us here the GreenBox blog. So take a moment to toast the GreenBox on it's red-carpet day in Los Angeles. (In the photos is the marketing director for The Fox Pizza Bus, Jordan Hieshetter.)

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