Thursday, August 19, 2010

The World Is Flat: The GreenBox Going Global!

Ok, folks…try to keep up with me here.

There’s been a flurry of activity surrounding the GreenBox over the past couple of months, and I understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed; Whole Foods...the Fox Pizza Bus...Beatrice’s Inferno...The New York Pizza Department...Pi Pizzeria...Arturo’s…the list of small businesses, chains, and national corporations using the GreenBox is growing every day. I recommend that you get a Moleskin notebook (favored by both Hemingway and Picasso) and try to keep a running tally of GreenBox conquests as we continue to pop up all over the United States.

Did I say the United States? Pardon me; I misspoke. I meant ‘the world”. In the latest bit of good news concerning the GreenBox, we are now working with Central American manufacturing giant SigmaQ.

I recently spoke via email with the head of R&D at SigmaQ, the charming and worldly Leo Braun, about his attraction to the GreenBox and his vision for the future of the product in Central America. As is the case with all the relationships we have developed around the GreenBox, Mr. Braun was positively effusive in his affection for and belief in the product.

Under the auspices of the SigmaQ empire, the GreenBox will be manufactured in three Central American locations: Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Mr. Braun shared his thoughts on the product and its potential around the world:

“I have been in the packaging business for more than 30 years, mostly in production and Research & Development activities. I have always considered myself practical in regards to design; for me, a product has to be sober and functional. The Green Box is an advantageous design for the pizza consumer; all pizza boxes should work like this! It is a simple idea with a minimum of extra cost that is of maximum benefit to the consumer. If I personally had the choice to decide what box my pizza comes in, I would most certainly choose the Green Box. And I’m sure that my customers will feel the same way. Nobody is going to refuse to use a product that is simply better than the one they are used to.”

Thanks, Leo – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Be sure to check out SigmaQ’s website. And if you’re reading this in Central America, keep your eyes peeled – you should be seeing the GreenBox very soon.

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