Wednesday, September 22, 2010

News Travels Fast: Ali Baba Pizza & the GreenBox Make Headlines!!!

It was only yesterday that Canadian pizza chainAli Baba Pizza announced their pioneering decision to use the GreenBox; less than 24 hours later, that announcement is causing a whole lot of buzz and chatter up north.

An article from today's Times Colonist in Victoria highlights something that we've been saying all along - the GreenBox is not only a better pizza box for customers and for the environment, it's also a publicity-generating powerhouse. The article casts the GreenBox as an eco-friendly weapon in the battle for customer allegiance. Ali Baba owner Mark Murr is as shrewd about packaging as he is about PR - which makes him and his business a perfect match for the GreenBox.

And that's not all! The GreenBox was also featured on television up in Canada. Mark described the GreenBox thusly on CHUM's News at 5:

"We've been in the pizza business now for 20-plus years. I know [the pizza box] is the one thing that people have been trying to reinvent over and over. We've seen everything from plastic to recyclable to washable boxes. We've seen bags rather than boxes, and nothing has really hit the mark..This product [the GreenBox] I think is incredible - and the future of pizza boxes."

Ali Baba Pizza CEO Mark Murr with the Ali Baba GreenBox
Mark Murr is a man as eloquent as he is photogenic - although that Ali Baba GreenBox ain't bad-lookin' either.


The GreenBox Intern

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