Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Disclaimer from the GreenBox Intern: Excuse Me If I Seem Contented

Hi, all. It's the GreenBox Intern, with a brief disclaimer for my fan(s).

If you're a devoted reader of the GreenBox Blog, you've probably noticed that I've been uncharacteristically positive of late. You might even find yourself missing the cynical, bitter tone of my previous blog entries. I am well aware that some of my biggest fans are those who take pleasure in my personal suffering. This blog was once a chronicle of my ignominy and pain; it has slowly evolved in to a story of success and positivity. Despite my best efforts to remain mired in fear and self-loathing, I have been elevated to a new plane of positivity by the smashing success of the GreenBox.

The fact is, we've had such an avalanche of good news over the past few months that it's been hard for me to stay in touch with my negative side. I would like to apologize to those readers who have come to expect and, indeed, to thrive on my depression, anxiety, and deep-rooted sense of personal failure. Rest assured that I am still beset by these problems in my personal life and that I continue to have trouble meeting my own eyes in the mirror...but on a company level, I can't help but celebrate the meteoric rise of the GreenBox. This product is taking off in a big way, and I feel compelled to set aside my own feelings of spiritual bankruptcy (which remain profound) to share in the good news!

Kumbaya, my friends. Kumbaya.

Positively Yours,

The GreenBox Intern

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