Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The GreenBox Heads North with Ali Baba Pizza!!!

In the past few months, the GreenBox has been stampeding all over the United States and beyond. We've added customer after customer to the list of forward-thinking folks who recognize the GreenBox as a superior product and the new way forward in pizza packaging. Before I get to today's big news, allow me to briefly summarize our progress thus far.

The GreenBox family has seen tremendous growth in the past few months alone: Whole Foods Markets is adding the GreenBox to more and more stores as we speak...local chains Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis and the New York Pizza Department in Arizona have been added to the list of American chains using the GreenBox...Sigma Q (an absolute giant of manufacturing in Central America) represents the progress of the GreenBox around the globe...I could go on, but I've got news to deliver.

Drum roll please: Canadian chain Ali Baba Pizza is hopping on the GreenBox train, and we here at ECOvention couldn't happier. I'll let Ali Baba CEO Mark Murr do the talkin' for me:

“We travel all over the world looking for new ideas, and we are excited to introduce the GreenBox to our customers and to pioneer its use in British Columbia.”

We couldn't agree more, Mark - and we're thrilled to be part of Ali Baba's transition to the pizza box of the 21st Century. As the first Canadian chain to transition to the GreenBox, Ali Baba Pizza is blazing a trail amongst our friends to the North.

And check out that amazing box (see above)! The Ali Baba GreenBox is giving the Pi Pizzeria version a run for its money!

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