Friday, July 16, 2010

The GreenBox on The Boob Tube - AGAIN!

When it comes to generating exposure, the GreenBox is an absolute monster. We shan't make any bones about it: this product is a true publicity juggernaut. Just witness the way the GreenBox keeps popping up on TV, on the radio, in newspapers, and all over the internet. Some people can't even BUY this kind of exposure. Poor slobs.

The latest case of "all our press is good press" comes to us courtesy of WPIX News right here in NYC. Watch the clip below and you'll see Chef Edward Sylvia of Pizza by Cer te demonstrating the best way to make his "Midwestern Breakfast Pizza". He also stops along the way to introduce the novel functionality of the GreenBox to the WPIX audiences. Our logo gets some good face time and proves as always that the GreenBox is indeed ready for its close up.

Pizza by Cer te is located at 132 East 56th Street between Park and Lexington. But before you go grub on some great organic pizza, watch the video below. And when you do stop by, be sure to thank Chef Sylvia for doing the right thing - putting his pizzas in a box worthy of them and worthy of his customers - the GreenBox!!!


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