Friday, July 9, 2010

On The Air with the GreenBox!

Beatrice's Inferno is a truly cutting-edge business - a completely mobile, wood-fired pizza experience. Let me repeat that: Beatrice's Inferno is a wood-fired oven ON WHEELS driving around Philadelphia and cranking out some of the most delicious and adventurous pizzas in the United States. Described as a "portable pizza paradise", Beatrice's Inferno is making waves in Philadelphia with their novel combination of convenience and gourmet-quality pizza.

And speaking of convenience and quality, Beatrice's Inferno uses a very special product to deliver their pizzas to the clamoring crowds - the GreenBox. Recently, owner Jason Brown was on the air with Preston & Steve on WMMR Philadelphia. They started out talking about Jason's deliciously outre pizza offerings, but quickly realized there was something else worthy of conversation - The GreenBox.

Listen to the audio clip on YouTube. And be sure to visit Beatrice's Inferno here. Thanks, Jason!

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