Monday, July 19, 2010

Media: Old & New...Interns: Old & Young

Coverage of the GreenBox in the media just keeps on coming. Here's YoungIntern with an update on what she's been up to the past few days at ECOvention:

Lately, I’ve been updating the media list for the GreenBox. It’s pretty simple and quick once you get into it. This morning I was just looking for anything that we may have missed; new articles or recently added blog posts about the GreenBox, etc. I came across a sites chattering about the recent goings-on between Whole Foods and the GreenBox. Two links are here: and Check out the news… The GreenBox is really taking off!

YoungIntern also had the opportunity to accompany CEO and GreenBox inventor William Walsh to the FoxBusiness.Com studios this morning for a segment about the GreenBox which aired at 12:30 PM eastern time. I was watching live here at the GreenBox offices while eating brownies and drinking a tall glass of milk...feet up on the's great when you know for a fact that the CEO isn't around, because you're watching him on the internet. Click here to check out the segment, won't you?

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