Thursday, July 8, 2010

YoungIntern takes us to school...

Here's the latest from Emani, aka YoungIntern, followed by a responsorial post from OldIntern. Read on...

Hello... Emani (a.k.a. YoungIntern) here.

I came in early this morning and got right to work! After chatting with Ned about my tasks for the day, I decided to research some things I wanted to learn more about…and no, Sean, Kurt Cobain is not one of them – I know who he is, thanks very much!

So, anyway, I looked up what corrugated cardboard is and how it's recycled. All it is is three layers of fiberboard, where the two outside layers are flat and the middle one is in a wavy pattern. To recycle, it's “pulped” by being mixed with water. It is then weakened and combined with different pulps (some from wood shavings) to achieve the final desirable strength. This same pulp can be combined with "paper pulps" to make things like paper towels and toilet paper.

Later, my fellow intern (Ed. Note – “OldIntern”) told me about the online presence of the GreenBox. (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.). I was impressed - it looked way better than he made it out to be. Why so modest, OldIntern? Go check out the GreenBox online, folks - it's all over the place!

OldIntern Replies:

Thanks for the info on corrugated cardboard, Emani! I’ve been here for months and I thought we made the boxes out of reclaimed pencil shavings. I’m a slow learner…

You mentioned that you “chatted” with Ned this morning. Allow me to make some corrections to the misinformation he has no doubt tried to dupe you with:

- Ned is not a international kickboxing star who maintains residences in both Thailand and The Hamptons, NY.
- Ned is not licensed for Formula One racing. In fact, the validity of his NY State driver’s licesnse has been called in to question on many occasions.
- Ned has never met the Dalai Lama, and definitely hasn’t beaten him at checkers.
- Ned was not instrumental in passing the historic health care reform bill earlier this year.

Ned is, however, our Director of Sales, and despite his fondness for vitamin supplements and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar straight out of the bottle, he is a valuable member of the ECOvention team.

We're working on creating a brand-new "official" Facebook page for the GreenBox. We just have to wait until Ned is done buying sneakers online.

Thanks for the blog, Emani! You’re making me look bad.



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