Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YoungIntern Develops A Rare Disorder: "Recycling OCD"

Note from OldIntern: Our new intern Emani, aka YoungIntern, sent me the following blog entry to review and post. As usual, the blog is well-written, entertaining, and insightful. But frankly, I'm a little worried about her. This whole paper-sorting thing is a wonderful idea and a boon to our environment, but I just hope we haven't created a monster. Emani, you're only 15 - you should be lighting paper on fire, not sorting it in to ecologically responsible piles! Just kidding - you're an inspiration to us all.

Read Emani's blog entry below. Thanks, YoungIntern!


At the end of the school year, students are allowed to determine what they want to do with their items. I’ve always brought massive amounts of unnecessary books and paper home. This year I really didn't want much of the hassle, so I just kept what I might need for next year.

While cleaning my room this weekend, I started going through the stuff I brought home. Now prior to my internship with GreenBox I would’ve thrown the loads of papers I didn’t need in a regular garbage bag and called it a day. But now I have this restored urge to help the environment, so I sat down and went trough every single sheet of paper and made four stacks: unwanted lined paper with one side or more blank, unwanted paper with one side blank, paper I may need to look over with one or more sides used, and unwanted paper with both sides used. All the paper I don’t want or need that has one or both sides blank will be stored in a manila folder as “waste paper” or scrap paper I can use for drafts or random ideas, the paper I don’t want with both sides used will be recycled, and the paper I do want or need will go in another folder for important resources.

This is the first time I’ve really gotten into detail about recycling, besides separating plastic, paper, metal and glass. I feel somewhat accomplished, but I’m not fully done with the task. I really just wanted to be done with my room so I set the paper aside so I can continue later.

In the GreenBox offices, I’m currently working on the GreenBox MySpace page. It’s coming along slowly but surely. I’m having trouble creating scroll boxes around our YouTube videos, mostly because I’m distracted by the scent of vinegar and cod liver oil wafting over from the desk of Sales Director Ned Kensing. His brother Sean has assured me that this is perfectly normal behavior. For Ned, that is.

By the end of this week, most likely Wednesday or Thursday the Official GreenBox Business page should be up and running.

Keep up with our progress on our Twitter page (@GreenBoxNY)!

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